Our Philosophy


ADVA was established so we could enjoy contemporary fashion without a second thought.
Timeless fashion, flexible enough to be work day in and day out, no matter the occasion.
We wanted to make sure our products sure our products not only stand out, but feel comfy
and keep the people in the supply chain happy.

We wanted to make sure both the environment and the people working to create the garments for
you are treated with respect. We use only sustainable organic materials, but we also make sure
the process of putting the garments together is ethical. Not only makes this the outfit incredibly pleasing
to wear as it feels the skin, but also sturdy and stable, because the organic materials really
do work better than their synthetic counterparts.

All of this is not enough. We want to live the green lifestyle, but we want the people behind to live it too.
We treat all our suppliers as family, making sure the business is fair not only to you, our customer, but to them as well,
making sure all the people behind your garments do get treated fairly. This mutual understanding
and respect is our one of our core values, but in addition to that helps to keep the product quality where it needs to be
and keeps the faces smiling.

The story behind your piece is both responsible and ethical.

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Each piece is designed
in our London Studio.

Our mission is to create sustainable essential pieces with an elevated
element. Either within a design or a textile we use.

Our pieces collections are minimalistic, sophisticated and can be
mix & match together. All of the styles we create
can be dressed up and down.

We are focusing on working closely with our seamstresses
– this has been one of Aneta’s main goals from the beginning.
We care where our products are made and
we are very proud that ADVA pieces are ethically made in Britain
and most of them directly in London. Being close to our production
means that we can visit them regularly.


Taking a good care of your product is the most important thing.

We would love for your ADVA product to last as long as possible,
so we highly recommend handwash only.  As we work only
with 100% organic materials those are prone to shrinkage.
If you use handwash, you not only will save your product
but you will do something for our planet too. 

Conscious Care

Don’t wash your clothes unnecessarily, in other words don’t over-wash them
Wash at low = cold temperatures (We recommend hand-wash)
Dry naturally
Think consciously