The system the fashion industry operates on is clearly broken. Large amount of non-renewable resources are use to produce our garments, then they go to landfills. We have to switch from a linear system to circular one and eliminate waste we create. It sure is a radical change and it will take a long time, but if we work together we can make a change.

How can we make a change?

Firstly, we design our clothes to last, so they'll stay in your closet much longer. Secondly, we offer services that help reducing waste. 

Repair Service

Free Repair Service in the UK.

We offer a Repair Service Worldwide in case your garment needs it.

Get in touch to learn more. 

Recycle Service

Have you finished wearing your piece? Don't know where and how to recycle it? We take them back!

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How are we embracing circularity in other ways?

  • Using organic natural materials. Those are biodegradable and can easily decomposte into the environement. 

  • Using innovative new materials. Such as Refibra Tencel. 

  • Giving our off-cuts a second life. We try to eliminate the amount of off-cuts when the fabric is cut. And we try to re-use them as much as possible. Partnering with a handmade toy brand TankannaToys is an example. Recently, we've been using our off-cuts for creation of face masks. 

  • Plastic Free. Our packaging is plastic free, recycled and recyclable.

  • Giving Back. We source from nature, and we give back. By planting a tree for every purchase. 


Lifetime investment

To prolong the life of your garment has been the most sustainable choice you can do. You can easily do it by taking care of it in an environmental friendly way. 


We work with 100% organic and natural materials, and those are prone to shrinkage. Therefore, we highly recommend hand-wash only for all our garments. 

If you hand-wash (or use very gentle hand-wash program) your clothes, you will not only protect your garment, but you'll do something good for the planet too. 


Conscious care by ADVA

  1. Do not wash your clothes unnecessarily, in other words do not over-wash your them.

  2. Wash at low = cold temperatures, using eco-friendly products. 

  3. Dry naturally. Forget the dryer machine. 

  4. Think consciously.