Our Values

Ethical Production

Choosing to work closely with our seamstress gives us the advantage that all ethical standards are met. We support local artisans and craftsmanship. Our pieces are mindfully made in the UK and the Czech Republic. 

Organic & Certified Textiles

We use only organic or certified materials, that do not harm the planet nor human beings. Since 2019 we work only with 100% single fibers. Learn more about our materials here. 

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No Plastic

We eliminated plastic from our supply chain and have a plastic-free packaging. We use only FSC certified paper and our orders are sent in recycled & recyclable envelopes. 

Lifetime Guarantee

To prolong the life of your garment has been the most sustainable choice you can do. We offer repair and recycle services to help you on this journey.

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Giving Back

Our mission is to make a change. We source from nature and we want to give back. Our planet matters to us. Help us make a change. 

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Transparency & Responsibility

We believe that transparency is the key first step toward sustainability. Each of our garments has its QR code with the story behind it. Transparency goes hand in hand with responsibility.

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